Katja Stadler

Managing Director, DeSlo – AHK, Slovenia

Katja Stadler is a Managing director at Deslo – AHK, a daughter company of German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the Industry.

Katja Stadler obtained a Bachelor of Law title from the Faculty of Law of University of Ljubljana and has a master’s degree in German and European law and human rights law (Magister Legum, LL.M) from the University of Regensburg. With over 15 years of experience in a Senior Manager position, her expertise includes management of business development and the management of the tax and law area.

She started her career working as a junior lawyer and then progressively continued her career at the German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the Industry (AHK Slovenia), starting as a Clerk for Law and Taxes, subsequently continuing to the Head of the Law and Taxes department, which then led to the Senior Manager position she obtained in 2020. She became the Managing director at Deslo – AHK in 2021.

Katja is goal-oriented and passionate about driving results. She enjoys different sports activities, reading, going to the theatre and opera, and travelling.